we are handle with care manufacturing from Berlin, Germany.

We offer our full manufacturing service of Vinyl, CD & DVD to more than 950 international labels, artists, distributors, music & film producers as well as industry branches since 1998.

Since 2010, we also provide the full range of merchandise manufacturing too.


From the idea and into the finished box,
you have everything from one source!

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Brunnenstraße 183
10119 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 400 430 – 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 400 430 – 10


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Our Office in Sweden

c/o Amoeba
Tredje Långgatan 13B
Gothenburg 413 03

Tel: +46 7633 82932


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Our Office in Berlin


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    International service

    Since 18 years now artists, bands, DJs, producers from around the world select our international team. This is because our expertise in speaking and understanding everything is second to none!

    On the right disc

    The secret of success is that everyone does what he or she does best. We therefore advise our clients individually from the first idea all the way to the complete finished product.

    The most beautiful packaging

    Packaging can say a great deal. We like to help customers make the right choice so that in the end, each work of art shines as bright as the presents under the Christmas tree and creates the same excitement!

    In form and colour

    Through varied colors and custom shapes we can give a new face to Vinyl records, CD's or DVD's. Without magic, we transform them into unique pieces.